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Rules to be highly creative

September 26th, 2014

Rules to be highly creative

1 Being inquisitive, curious and inquisitive again; ravenous in increasing their knowledge on every subject, on everything.

2 Have the courage to try new things, even at the risk bankruptcy. Every great step forward begins as a sudden idea, an intuition. This does not mean you have to constantly go to the bottom, but learn to balance our luggage solutions routine, with investments in new solutions, not yet tested, seemingly illogical. Over time, the risk is worth the reward, at least in terms of experiential baggage.

3 Using intuition and heart in making decisions and produce ideas. Listen to your feelings, instead of the guru. Design simple, because simple ideas are also those who love and work more. Abandon the highways to follow the paths contain no indication, loving the unexpected.

4 Loving the game, because humor and fun are creative acts. So, stop lightening life, to be enjoyed in every moment, learning not to be live. We all have goals, needs and deadlines, but if you lived as paramount, are not life but death. When you love what you do, your brain relaxes and is able to produce more and better ideas. One of these ideas may be just what you're looking for.

5 Be yourself to make others willing to share what you feel and think.
People are emotional creatures and respond better to people who seem real, honest and open. Not only is it more interesting, but it can also be more convincing.

6. order into confusion, and discover the hidden meaning of life, events and information. The research, curiosity and critical thinking are key tools for the creative person. The information is for the brain what food is to the stomach. The so-called "creative block" almost always is the result of a lack of curiosity and new information, which as a result, nothing to say.

7 Be motivated by a task, a dream, a goal to be achieved, rather than prize money. Sure, you can make money along the way, but working only for the money dries up, leads to thinking in terms of material and non-art is spiritual and that spirituality is a way of seeing things in a different perspective of the world, going towards the source of new ideas.

8 Put on the need to find solutions to challenging problems. If you undertake, it is pushed to think. Highly creative, are those whose eyes light up in front of the challenge of a problem that does not know how to respond. This is an opportunity to learn something new and to produce a remarkable creative content. Never stopping, even after finding the first solution.

9. hypotheses and questions to find out what is real.
Create, make art with this or that technique, not the rules are fixed, but rules to recreate the time.
If you want to have a real creative power, you should always take into account the opinion of others before, during and after creation. A rule that applies to all the gurus of success: if you do not know something through personal knowledge and experience, you must have the humility to look in the sharing of knowledge and experiences of others. But a grain of salt, because in the end if you do not go through the experience and personal knowledge, do not know at all.

10 Creating Connections with old ideas and knowledge for the production of new ones;
combine small ideas, by mixing common among crafted product and new technologies, new approaches to explain things to people in ways that they can easily understand. Sometimes the best solutions and products, are simply old ideas and old tools used in conjunction with new ideas and new media.

11 Expand the boundaries of what is possible. There was a time when nobody would have even imagined being able to make money through telematic technologies. Now internet is a great platform multinational that goes beyond space and time, with great potential to shape to shape and extent of personal creativity. Instead of dividing the world into possible and impossible, it is better to just divide it, in tried and untried: in tried and not tried yet.

12 Be willing to experiment with new ideas and compete with others on the basis of the results. This is what is meant by "marketplace of ideas". This is what is meant by competition of enterprise. If you are afraid of being wrong or losing, creativity will suffer.
These characteristics, are certainly not common for most people.
But it's not difficult.
Watch and be inspired to see how creative people solve problems and tackle the projects.
Choose a particularly creative person admiring and, faced with a problem, ask yourself: What would he do in this situation?
Festina lente (Hurry up) but starts to act as a creative person, you will discover to become more creative, and probably, with increasing success.

Photo Art Philosophy

September 26th, 2014

Photo Art Philosophy

It is difficult to stop and watch, live, think, reflect, get excited.
The majority of people lack the time to meet the world.

Philosopher, meditative, contemplative, ascetic way live travel slowly, practicing meditative and creative breaks and leisure.

I think I see a photographer so I am.

When emotion becomes an image, the image conveys the emotion and leads to reflection.

Culture is a structure of meanings that travels on communication networks intangibles that depart from the territories, identifying them, but not stopping in the individual territories, expanding, enriching and integrating, accrescendosi like an avalanche. As the pollen is transported to the world by various means and seeding, it makes yeast.

Project ethical, aesthetic of the newspaper, aims to create Beauty with Beauty, set among the people art, photography, thinking.

The author creative, pro-Creator is the creator with his work, called to act for the promotion of Beauty, talking to spirits and consciences, for a better world.

Why, just educating the awareness and use of the five senses plus two, heart and mind, the consciousness to the perception of beauty is refined sensibility, the individual and society; respect for life, the other, the individual, the person, the autonomy of judgment, to dialogue.

The Spiritual in Art with Art for the Beauty that saves, every individual, companies and nations.
The Beauty thrills, the excitement becomes an image, the image conveys emotion and beauty inducing to meditate and reflect, enriching the mind and spirit, while avoiding the barbarism of individuals and society.
Art is an instrument of beauty, can represent a revolution, with its ability to speak a language included among the most in the world, making it the ambassador box.

Beauty will save the world, but the beauty will be saved by us Creative Artists, able to read the world through the eyes of the soul, to be contemporary and, at the same time prophetic, ahead of their time, with our sensibilities and hypersensitivity.